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Upgrade.Today  the first digital business transformation agency

acceleration of business processes

reduction of errors caused by human factors

release of human resources

new business models

You need a digital transformation if

business profitability declines 

competitors grow faster than you

decisions are made for a long time and are executed slowly

the costs of payroll grow

routine processes are not automated

You understand that ordinary consulting does not work when you left alone with a beautiful strategy that cannot be implemented.

Company's mission

It is to create a technological and automated companies that capable to get a leading international market position

Что вы получите?

Разработку проекта любой сложности.

Разработаем уникальное программное обеспечение под конкретные потребности бизнеса. Мы предлагаем: разработку высоконагруженной архитектуры, адаптивную верстку, разработку мобильных приложений, разработку программного обеспечения для комплексной или частичной автоматизации бизнес-процессов, аудит кода и сопровождение чужого программного обеспечения

Увеличение объёма продаж за счёт привлечения клиентов в онлайне.


is years we have been on the market

Now we enter to the next stage of development and we ready to implement many successful projects with our clients


people in our team

We do not spend much time on coordination, we are mobile and always available


percentage of errors

decreases due to the influence of the human factor


hours per month

are released after business process automation by Upgrade.Today specialists


Traffic exchange, market leader in Russia and the CIS countries

биржа трафика, лидер на рынке РФ и СНГ

Visitweb Traffic Exchange:

The key competence of the exchange is filtering purchased traffic. 

Five analysts worked. 
The task was to detect cheating, bots, clicking, imitating a live behavioral factor, software emulators, forcing users to click, misleading the user. Total payroll was 700000 ruble

The specialists were replaced by one script, the cost of developing which amounted to 3 million rubles, this script has been working for 5 years and during this time 1 000 000 rubles was spent on its support.

The total savings amounted to 38 000 000 rubles

First educational platform for women

первая образовательная платформа для женщин

BeWoman educational platform:

At the initial stage, the verification of each task was carried out by employees of the company. Since the women lived in different time zones, and the course took place online at a convenient time for them, there was a big delay between the task and the check. It significantly slowed down the learning process.

After the accumulated experience of manual checks, a lot of answers was formed, on the basis of which the neural network was able to train to check tasks with minimal human factor, which significantly accelerated the educational process.

First smart crypto traiding platform

первая умная платформа для криптотрейдинга


During the crypto boom in 2017, we wrote a bot that, using the open API Binance, chose the right time to sell the cryptocurrency purchased earlier, which allowed us to increase our cryptoactives by 2 times in several months 

As a result of successful tests, the first smart cryptocurrency trading platform Cragex.com was developed

Traffic exchange, market leader in Russia and the CIS countries

биржа трафика, лидер на рынке РФ и СНГ

Visitweb Traffic Exchange:

Fifteen moderators worked on this.
The main problem was the constant turnover of personnel, each new employee during the first month was trained and only then started to work. Each moderator's mistake led to serious reputational losses. The primary task was to reduce these errors and reduce the human factor to a minimum.

According to the results, instead of 15 people, 3 specialists remained on whom the AI script learned the new rules. 

As a result, the number of mistakes in moderation decreased by 94%.

First educational platform for women

первая образовательная платформа для женщин

BeWoman educational platform:

Development and implementation of marketing strategy.

The project was created as an information portal. After the marketing research, a business model change was proposed and a new marketing strategy was developed. An educational platform has been developed. 

The result of working with the project was an increase traffic from 70 to 5,000 people per day, setting up of traffic attraction channels and the launch of sales courses.

Our clients

Russian telecommunication company

Center for civil and patriotic education of children and youth

Youth College of St. Petersburg

Republican Academy of Public Administration and Management

Corporate training

The first smart platform for trading cryptocurrency

Women's portal of personal and professional growth

Online store Kubachi silver

The largest online store of goods for children and parents

International flower delivery

Exclusive distributor of natural health and beauty products

Service booking and purchase tickets

Full cycle integrator

Large content provider

Payment service

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Dmitriy Zhitomirskiy

  • Software and internet-services development specialist
  • Experience over 15 years 
  • Key competences: architecture, administration, automation of business processes
  • Owner and CTO of Upgrade.Today advertising agency
  • Owner of VisitWeb traffic exchange – market leader in Russia and CIS
  • CEO of trading platform CragEx.com
  • Development of customized exchange solutions fostering volume growth
  • Development of customized click fraud service from scratch
  • Development of media advertising automated purchase service
  • Development of architecture for B2B services

Anna Kozlovskaya

  • Founder of BeWoman.Club educational platform
  • Co-founder of Upgrade.Today advertising agency
  • Co-founder, marketing director of CragEx cryptocurrency aggregator
  • Head of Skolkovo Saint-Petersburg Alumni Club
  • APEC 2018 forum nominee from Russian Federation, guest speaker
  • Founder of professional conferences on online marketing and blockchain
  • Internet marketing and media-buying specialis

Alexey Ilyin
Communications Director

  • Candidate of Economic Sciences, expert
  • Founder and Director of the School of Future Presidents, General Director of the Training Center Active World
  • Director of the Center for Cultural Initiatives
  • Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Commonwealth of Students of the North-West Academy of Public Administration
  • Member of the Public Council 
  • Expert of the Interregional Resource Center of the Personnel Committee of St. Petersburg 
  • Expert of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs
  • Federal expert in the field of digital transformation

Alla Markova

  • Operational Director of the advertising agency VisitWeb
  • Specialist in the field of building business processes
  • Co-founder of the Upgrade.today advertising agency
  • Experience in building teams of IT and Digital specialists
  • Experience in conducting market research, forming a strategy for product launch to the market
  • Experience in conducting strategic negotiations with partners
  • Experience in financial planning, budgeting, optimization and cost control
  • Experience in planning, monitoring and coordinating the work of project participants
  • Ensuring effective communication between project participants
  • Experience in building marketing strategies.

Maxim Zuev
Technical Director

  • The experience of commercial development is for more than 10 years, the experience of developing and supporting high-load projects
  • Internet project management experience
  • Team Leader experience is over 6 years
  • Team Leader of a multilingual team of 40+ developers
  • Work on ICO projects as a developer, development team leader 
  • CTO Team Leader in ITPremium
  • Head of the CryptoB2B development team

Olga Parfenova

  • Project manager in the Finnish engineering company CJSC "Spurt", development in the field of energy efficient technologies 
  • Invited speaker at international conventions, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (2011-2012) 
  • Mentor of the project LLC Alfa Hydro at Seliger, 2013
  • The youngest PhD in Japanese linguistics
  •  Experience as a product manager for over 5 years.

Oleg Kirillov
Marketing director

  • Experience in internet marketing is over 8 years
  • The experience of SEO promotion of more than 70 sites (more than 500,000 unique visitors per day)
  • Media buying experience is over 3 years

Valeria Tombovtseva
Head of Customer Service

  • Specialist on work with clients at the international level
  • Experience in internet marketing is over 3 years
  • Linguist and translator (English and Chinese)

Nataliya Tolmacheva
HR Director

  • Experience as HR Director for over 12 years
  • Corporate Culture Specialist
  • Building a personnel management system from scratch
  • Recruiting system organization
  • Building an office life support system
  • Development and implementation of personnel motivation systems 
  • Optimization of the wage fund
  • Building a HR system
  • Detailed understanding of the features of the IT industry
  • Project Management

Elena Ilkovskaya
Creative director

  • Specialist in the field of creation and launch of products in the e-commerce, retail and online education segments
  • Founder of the service to increase conversion in online stores angift.ru

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